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#SatSpanks new #western coming soon!

Famous Gunslingers
Wild Bill, Texas Jack Omohundro,
& Buffalo Bill Cody

For Saturday Spankings this week I'm so excited to share another snippet of my upcoming spanky western with the working title of The Gunslinger's Woman

“It’s over now,” Danny whispered in her ear, his breath hot against her neck. She turned her face to meet his and he slowly lowered his lips to hers, kissing her softly at first, then claiming her hungrily, his mouth hard on hers, as passion deepened the kiss. His lips on hers were forceful as she kissed him back longingly, the stubble on his jaw scratching her as she moved her head to the side, probing his open mouth with her tongue. Her senses were heightened and all her nerve endings screamed at her as the kiss left her breathless and her knees wobbled.
            She felt his fingertips trail down her back to her bottom, and he squeezed her burning flesh between his fingers, his fingertips digging into her sore bottom, sending tingles up her spine. She gasped in pain as his fingers dug into her, hurting her, and he pulled back away from her, effectively ending their kiss, to look deep into her eyes.
            “It’s okay now Jeannie,” he murmured. “Let me take you home.”

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

#SatSpanks ~ Western coming soon!

For Saturday Spankings this week I'm sharing another eight sentences out of my western that's coming soon with the working title of The Gunslinger's Woman.

You’re doing well my love,” he told her softly, his voice a low, deep rumble that sent vibrations through her, tingles that shot to her core. “We’re nearly done. Just six more to go.”

          “No,” she moaned, a long, drawn-out protest. “It hurts.”

          “I know it hurts,” Danny told her gently, his voice full of compassion. “I mean for it to hurt. That’s the point. I need you to remember this spanking, because I love you too much to let you endanger yourself.”

Keep your eyes out for my latest western - coming soon!

Inspiration for my spanking gunslinger 

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Surrendered on the Frontier ~ by Jane Henry

I'm so excited to have Jane Henry on my blog today sharing the brand new standalone sequel to her bestselling Claimed on the Frontier.

Here's a sneak peek:
He marched me to the barn, holding my elbow tightly, and I had to skip to keep up with his long strides. He pulled out his milking stool, and pointed a finger for me to sit. Why was he making me sit? But after I obeyed him, I watched as he walked to the edge of the barn and over to a young birch several yards away from the barn door. I gasped. He meant to cut a switch? I watched him, my mouth gaping open, as he removed a thin switch with a knife and stripped it. He marched back to the barn, stern conviction written across his features.
“Come here, please,” he said, gesturing to the half wall that separated the loft from the stalls. It stood about as high as my waist. I stood and walked to him on trembling legs. When I reached him, his hand went to my jaw and he looked me straight in the eyes.
“You were rude to me, and disobeyed me,” he said. I nodded as he continued. “I was trying to protect you. I was trying to save you unnecessary hurt. How can I do that if you don't obey me?”
“You can't,” I whispered.
His eyes darkened as he released my chin and pointed to the wall. “Lift your skirts and lower your drawers. Then lean across that wall.”
I obeyed quickly. I needed it over with. I knew he wouldn't spank me too hard, but I also knew a switching would sting and I was eager to get to the point where we were reconciled once again. He'd tried to protect me. My thoughts and emotions were nearly strangling me. I needed to be set to rights again.
As my drawers fell to my ankles, a breath of air hit my bare skin. I was mortified, while at the very same time there was something darkly erotic with being bared to him, prepared to receive my punishment. I bent obediently over the wall as he stepped over to me, placing a hand on my lower back.
“With each stroke of this switch, I want you thinking about how much I care about you. While every one of my instructions to you may not always make sense, they are always made with your best interest in mind. Do you understand me, young lady?”
My eyes were squeezed shut as I braced myself for the first stinging swat. “Yes, sir.”

Available for purchase at:


After the untimely death of her harsh, overbearing husband left her a widow at the age of twenty-three, Ruth Watson vowed that she would never depend on a man again, let alone submit to one. The hard world of the frontier is no easy place for a woman to make her own way, however, and when the tough, handsome Samuel Stanley takes it upon himself to look out for her, Ruth is ashamed to find that a part of her longs to surrender to his firm but loving dominance.

Though Samuel itches to tame the headstrong Ruth, he is able to hold himself back until she loses her temper and hurts her best friend. Seeing her riddled with guilt, he at last puts the beautiful little spitfire over his knee and spanks her hard and thoroughly. The stern punishment leaves Ruth not only properly chastened, but burning with passion as well, and when Samuel takes her in his arms she yields completely to his mastery of her body.

Samuel makes it clear that from now on Ruth’s impetuous behavior will have consequences, but in her heart she wonders if he will grow tired of protecting her from both herself and the dangers of the frontier. Can she bring herself to trust him to be the man she has always needed, or will her fears bring an end to their blossoming romance?

Publisher’s Note: Surrendered on the Frontier is a stand-alone sequel to Claimed on the Frontier. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Other books by Jane Henry:

A Thousand Yesses: They are best friends...can they be lovers?

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Come Back to Me, book two in the Bound to You trilogy: Meredith and Paolo attempt a weekend of intense training to adapt to their new lifestyle of dominance and submission.

Complete Me, book three in the Bound to You trilogy: The conclusion to the Bound to You trilogy, Meredith's trust in Paolo is put to the test.

Sunstrokes: Four authors bring you four tales of punishment and pleasure.

My Dom: Curiosity drives Heidi to yearn for a taste of her amorous neighbor's kinky pursuits.

His Submissive: Matteo agrees to be Hillary's Dominant...under certain conditions.

Her Protector: Can Tony be the Dom Tessa needs?

Claimed on the Frontier: Stern frontiersman Aaron Stanley is determined to protect his headstrong new bride, even if means taking her firmly in hand.


Jane has been writing since her early teens, dabbling in short stories and poetry. When she married and began having children, her pen was laid to rest for several years, until the National Novel Writing Challenge (NaNoWriMo) in 2010 awakened in her the desire to write again. That year, she wrote her first novel, and has been writing ever since. With a houseful of children, she finds time to write in the early hours of the morning, squirreled away with a laptop, blanket, and cup of hot coffee. Years ago, she heard the wise advice, “Write the book you want to read,” and has taken it to heart. She sincerely hopes you also enjoy the books she likes to read.

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Instagram: @janehenryauthor


Thursday, 22 September 2016

Anita Philmar ~ Naked Bluff, Texas: Volume 1

Stories Included:

In Deep Water

Wading into the water, Carolyn Evans takes one step too far and finds herself neck¬-deep in the river and fighting for her life.
After saving Carolyn from drowning, Zack Goodman is trapped in an awkward situation when they’re both rescued by a steamboat and hauled on deck.
Naked and embarrassed, Carolyn is quick to save them from humiliation and claims they are married. 
Will Zack release her from her claim of matrimony? Or will he teach her once words are spoken...they are not so easily retracted?

In Too Deep –

On the banks of the Trinity River, Sadie Pepperman is looking for a chance to escape the demands of her in-laws. With her husband’s dead, they want her to marry her brother-in-law so they can take control of her farm.
Suddenly, the peace of the day is shattered when her best friend steps too far into the river. Rushing to save her, Sadie meets a handsome stranger that ignites her dormant lust. She sees her friend rescued by a steamship and backs away from Logan Jansen, only to turn her ankle.
The agonizing pain leaves Sadie with the inability to walk. Needing help, she offers Logan a place to stay if he’ll help with the chores on her farm. With his agreement, Sadie adds another problem to her list. Now, not only does she have to worry about how to bring her crops in from the field and run her farm alone but she also has to fight her attraction to Logan.
Can Sadie end her in-laws’ interference in her life,
run her farm alone,
and give love another chance?

More Than Ready
After losing his brother, Kirk Pepperman planned a future with Richard’s wife, Sadie. Kirk wanted to honor his brother and take care of Sadie. She had other ideas and married another man. Now, Kirk is uncertain what he should do with his life.
Mary Beth Owens knows her parents are arranging for her to marry Kirk. The problem is he’s been stuck on the wrong woman for years. Mary Beth is determined to find out if he can please her. If not, then she has no desire to marry him either.
Can these two let go of the past and move into the future? 

Purchase link –


Excerpt – More Than Ready

Mary Beth cocked her head and met his gaze dead on. “I have two older sisters who are married. They’ve told me everything I need to know to make you scream for mercy.”
He grinned and remembered the pleasure of talking, teasing, and just being with her. “And after you have your wicked way with me, you hope that’ll seal the bond between us and make me agree to marry you.”
“No. This is a test. I’m not sure I want to be tied to you for the rest of my life. I refuse to be a stand in for someone else.” She unbuckled his belt and worked two buttons loose before he managed to stop her. “If you can’t give me the pleasure I require, then there’s really no reason to waste our time getting married.”
His eyes widened. He blinked several times, amazed at her assumption that he couldn’t offer her, or for that matter any woman, what she needed to make her happy.
Irritated with her, he gritted out, “Are you questioning my ability to be a good lover?”
She shoved his hands aside and dug his cock out from the opening in his pants. “I can’t say. You appear to have the right equipment but do you know how to use it?”
The soft caress of her hand had him gasping for air. He glanced down. The erotic sight of her fingers cupping his length sent his mind into a dizzying whirl. He imagined her hot, wet mouth pleasuring him. “Why don’t you untie me? And I’ll show you exactly what it’s like to be flat on your back while I pound into your twat?”

Excerpt – In Deep Water

Need burned through her, and she lifted her body to offer him more. He didn’t disappoint and switched to her other nipple. Again, the sucking action drove her closer and closer to the edge.
She shifted impatiently beneath him and lifted one leg to rest her foot on his wet pants’ leg. With him still dressed, they had a small barrier between them. Yet, the hard line of his erection continued to bite into her thigh.
“Zack...” That was his name, right?     
His mouth popped free, and he lifted his gaze to hers. The hand he’d used to caress her breast slipped lower. His fingers danced over her ribs and eased to the center of her belly. “You know, as your husband, I do have certain rights.”
She gasped as he brushed a fingertip over her pussy.
“You’re already wet.” He traced her delicate lips and offered a few brief swipes against her clit.

Excerpts: In Too Deep

Stepping to her side, he bent and lifted her up into his arms. “Sugar, let’s move you into the bedroom where you’ll be more comfortable.”
She moaned and nuzzled her face against his neck. “It’s so hot in here. Can you help me get out of this dress?”
He smiled at the invitation to remove her clothes and strolled across the room. With her three sheets into the wind, he had no intention of doing anything besides enjoying the view. “Sure, as soon as I set you on the bed.”
“Thank you.” She raked a hand through his hair. Her fingers massaged his scalp. She murmured, “I have no resistance when it comes to a blond-haired, blue-eyed fiend.”
She giggled, “Let’s just strip off our clothes and fuck like bunnies.”
“What about your foot? Does it still hurt?” Logan tried to remain grounded, even though his groin tightened with need and he had to work not to take her suggestion seriously.
A frown formed on her brow. “Hey. What did I do to it?”
“You twisted it, remember?” He eased her onto the bed and grabbed an extra pillow that was leaning against the headboard.
“Man, it hurts like the devil.” She lifted her leg as if touching the surface hurt.
Balling up the bundle of fluff, he shoved the pillow under her calf to hold her foot aloft.
She sighed and clawed at the buttons of her dress. “It’s hotter than a billy-goat in a pepper patch in here.”
Familiar with wild southern expressions, Logan tugged her skirt up around her waist and shoved it over her hips. Every second revealed another inch of milky-white flesh. The back of his fingers brushed her soft-as-silk skin. He struggled to ignore the alluring caress and focus on the task at hand.
“Now, if you’ll rise a bit, I’ll pull this over your head.” Logan yanked the fabric upward and freed her from both her dress and her camisole.
“Oh, that feels so much better.” Sadie sank back onto her mattress and stared at him. “If you’ll simply shuck off your clothes, then we’ll heat the house up in another way.”

Read other stories by Anita Philmar

Other Naked Bluff, Texas stories

Deputy’s Bride
A Cowboy’s Pleasure
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Country Doctor’s Bride
A Cowboy’s Passion

Black Dragon’s Series-

Black Dragon’s Blood
Black Dragon’s Moon
Black Dragon’s Heart

Other Stories

Fairy Fun
Texas Passion
Hog-Tied and Branded
Naked Rebel

Find them on Anita’s Amazon Page

Anita Philmar likes to create stories that push the limit. A writer by day and a dreamer by night she wants her readers to see the world in a new way.
Influenced by old movies, she likes to develop places where anything can happen and where special moments come to life in a great read.
Naughty or Nice?
Read her books and decide.


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#SciFi #Spanking Claimed by the Savages by Sara Fields

I'm so thrilled to share a new release by a fantastic erotic spanky sci-fi author Sara Fields! Her brand new book Claimed by the Savages is already rocking it's way up the Amazon charts and the cover has not one, not two, but three hot men!! This book is definitely one I'm going to read!


As an unauthorized third child, nineteen-year-old Aimee Harrington has spent her life avoiding discovery by government authorities, but her world comes crashing down around her after she is caught stealing a vehicle in an act of petulant rebellion. Within hours of her arrest, she is escorted onto a ship bound for a detention center in the far reaches of the solar system.

Soon after her arrival, however, Aimee is made aware that this facility is no ordinary prison. It is a training center for future brides, and once she has been properly trained she will be thoroughly examined and then offered to an alien male in need of a mate. Worse still, Aimee’s defiant attitude quickly earns her the wrath of the strict warden. To make an example of her, Aimee is given as a wife not to a sophisticated gentleman, but to three warriors of the planet Primorion.

Though Primorion males are considered savages on Earth, it doesn’t take long for Aimee to realize that while her new mates will demand her obedience and will not hesitate to spank her soundly if her behavior warrants it, they will also cherish and protect her in a way she has never experienced before. But when the time comes for her three dominant men to master her body completely, will she find herself begging to be claimed by the savages?

Publisher’s Note: Claimed by the Savages includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Spanky Excerpt:
"If you wait one moment longer, I will undress you myself, only you will spend a long while over my knee getting your naughty backside spanked first. When I tell you to do something, I expect immediate obedience, or else there will be consequences. You will find that I am very strict in many things, especially when it comes to your body and my access to it.”
She stood still, staring back at him. It was like a scene out of the romance stories online that she had been reading in secret for so long. Her heart throbbed and her clit began to pulse in tune with it. Her cream dripped down her leg at the dominance in his voice and she couldn’t help but notice her body’s insanely strong passionate reaction to both his words and his commanding presence.
Simply staring at him, she whimpered softly when his large mass of alpha male grabbed her gently about the waist, pulling her toward him. His fingers laced around the bottom hem of her shirt, pulling it effortlessly over her head in but a fraction of a second. Next, he gripped the waistband of her slacks and whipped them down her legs. Helping her kick off her shoes, he pulled the pants from her completely, leaving her standing entirely naked before him.
It took a long moment for her to realize what was about to happen as he stared down at her. She remembered his warning if he had to undress her. He was going to spank her. Her eyes widened and she tried to back away, but he had a firm hold on her wrist. He sat down on the bed and easily tossed her face down over his lap.
“Please don’t spank me! I’ll listen next time! I promise!”
“I’m sure you will, but I’m going to make sure you do. I will spank this bottom of yours whenever I believe you have earned it and you most certainly have right now. This time, I will only use my palm, but next time I will take off my belt and thrash every inch of your backside with it until I believe you’ve learned your lesson.”
He laid his massive hand over her bottom and her body started, coming to the conclusion that his hand covered the entirety of one side of it. Her muscles trembled in anticipation and she balked when he parted her legs slightly, pressing his fingers up against her very wet folds. As he slid his digits up and down her pussy, she moaned at the sensual feelings that stirred within her.
“Aimee, tell me, how often have you thought about being taken in hand by a strong man? Have you ever touched yourself, imagining your naughty bottom getting spanked for disobeying him?”

Author Bio:
Sara is an author specializing in erotic spanking romance, who spends the day doing science, and writes by night. She has been on the spanking scene for many years, and has experienced all different types of spankings, from sensual, to fun, to punishments, including all of the implements she writes about!  Sara finally decided to branch out and write some hot spanking fiction, so she could share the sexy fantasies that happen deep in the recesses of her creative mind.

Author Links:
Twitter:   (@Mrs_Sara_Fields)